Zambian born, Odette Steele is a Textile Designer and recent graduate of London College of Fashion, specialising in Embroidery/Embellishment and Print Design. Her influences derive from her African heritage through the dynamic composition of pattern and colour.

An individual design style is achieved through manipulating recycled and waste fabrics through weaving or using embellishment to create a fusion of various materials to create something luxury. All final designs are always finished with rich textures and a personal hand rendered touch. Odette has a strong desire to preserve culture and combines her heritage through designing ready­ to wear accessories such as headscarves, and bags.

Odette strives to acknowledge the point of sustainability in showing that this has not only to do with energy consumption, recycling etc. but also the human involvement in the production of goods. She pursues this by collaborating with partners that directly support the development of ethical fashion such as the Dian Pelangi Company. This approach encourages an investment into the skills of craftspeople by strengthening the hand rendered pursuit to production. As a direct result sustainability and quality are added to the product. Through the partnership with Dian Pelangi, Odette is a guest designer working towards training in the business advancement of a textile company through creating a collection that encompasses the use of traditional Indonesian textile techniques, preserving the history and culture such as weaving, hand embroidery, tie dye and batik as well as bringing her own personal flavour and design process to the collection.

Furthermore by working towards the development of African Fashion, whereby Odette has combined her beliefs and skills on contributing to the organisation of events such as Africa Fashion Week London which is a collective catwalk and exhibition, highlighting the industry’s established and emerged African designers, AFWL is at the forefront of capturing the surge of the African design in the fashion industry. The event aims to celebrate the work of African and African inspired designers in the UK and worldwide.

Collectively Odette’s powerful design identity as well her passion/focus on the preservation, development and social responsibility in textiles and international fashion, makes Odette a valuable individual within her field of work.


Instagram:  @odette.steele






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